Since its establishment in 1991, the Awakenings Foundation serves as a “nest organization” with an innovative mission in the field of a recovery-oriented community-based mental health reform in Hungary. We initiated and supported several NGOs in this field, including the Mental Health Interest Forum, the first user-driven, national advocacy group in Hungary. Starting in 1995, we implemented the Optimal Treatment Program, an evidence-based community care program for mental and addictive patients in cooperation with Prof. Ian Falloon. We take part in community psychiatry education in several fields and provide services based on good practice in our centre. We also implemented the Supported Employment program and served hundreds of patients. We founded the Mental Health Forum (, a network with about 300 members, professionals and other stakeholders who joined our mission of democratic and recovery-based mental health-care in Hungary from 2008. From 2009 we also initiated a network with more than 15 NGOs in Hungary to decrease stigma against people with mental problems and joined the ’Open the Doors’ program of the World Psychiatric Association ( We also provide HR trainings and other professional training programs for innovative organizations. We have a close relationship with several international organizations.